Silk Linen Fleck (#20-092)

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Quality: 20-092
Content: 75% Tussah Silk 25% Linen
Construction: 15/1
Metres/kg: 15000
Yards/lb: 7445
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: very fine laceweight
Country of origin: Italy

Price: 50g skein (+/- 2g):  $10.50

It was a lucky day when we found this yarn. Not only does it have a door-crasher price, it's completely gorgeous as well. it has the same enchanting lumpiness as our 20-090, but has a 25% linen content for body and texture. The subtle black provides a lovely highlight in weaving, and it's very pretty when knitted together with other yarns. While we don't recommend it in the warp, with caution you could alternate it with something slicker (silk, may we suggest?).

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