Silk + Wool Spin Fibre (#10-010)

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Quality: 10-010
Content: 50% Silk 50% Merino Wool Spin Fibre
Units: 100g bags (about 3.5 oz.)
Country of origin: Switzerland

If you know our Silk Wool yarn, then you'll know how beautiful this spin fibre is. We've seen lots of Silk Wool fibre that's dull and lifeless. This one is so lustrous, you'll think you're spinning pure silk! But it has all the spring and loft of wool. The roving is thick and luscious.

Please note: If you order 300g or more, we will package it in one bag (rather than multiple 100g bags). If you'd prefer 100g bags, please let us know in the message part of the checkout.

Our in house spinning expert, Kim Mckenna, wrote an article with suggestions for spinning eri silk. She feels this applies also to Sanjo's silk merino blend. See her article "Try a New Silk Prep-Tussie Mussie" in SpinOff magazine. Another useful article by Kim for this blend, which is available to subscribers of SpinOff magazine is "Can You Diz Off a Handcard"