Tassar Fine Dreadies (40-018)

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Quality: 40-018
Content: 100% Tassar Silk Fine Dreadies
Construction: Single ply
Metres/kg: 920 m/kg
Yards/lb: 457 yd/lb
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: this is a wacky yarn that needs experimenting. We think it's great with big needles. You decide how big.
Country of origin: India

Price: $11.75/50g (+- 5gm)

We've had so much attention for our 42-017 Tassar Dreadlocks we decided to bring in a lighter weight version. This weight is a bit more "approachable" for people who want to actually knit or weave with it. It's a firm yarn, so expect it to be sculptural. It will soften a bit with washing. We now have it in 50g skeins, which makes ordering online simple!