Tassar Mawata Cakes (#40-027)

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Quality: 40-027
Content: 100% Tassar Silk Mawata Cakes

Price: 50g. bag  $16.90

Silk Cakes are something new for us. These Organic Tassar cakes are actually Mawata, or hankies. They come in layers that you can gently peel apart. Stretch them out and incorporate them into your felting. You can spin them directly from the hanky. You can dye them into delicious colours. Only a silkworm could spin a cocoon that could be stretched out into this shape. Aren't they amazing? Each package contains 50g of the Mawatas. 

Please note: If you order 200g or more, we will package it in one bag (rather than multiple 50g bags). If you'd prefer 50g bags, please let us know in the message part of the checkout.