Tassar Silk Dreadlocks (#40-017)

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Quality: 40-017
Content: 100% Tassar Silk "Dreadlocks"
Construction: Single ply
Metres/kg: 230m/kg
Yards/lb: 114 yd/lb.
Suggested epi: not recommended for warp
Knitting: best knit BIG; experiment with the biggest needles you have. Try finger knitting.
Country of origin: India

Price: $22.80/100g

Please note that this yarn is wound into skeins in its country of origin. The skein sizes vary, but are generally 50-100g each. Please contact us using this form with your requirements. We will invoice your for the actual amount sent.

This is the yarn that gets the most attention when seen in person. In a whole display of beautiful, luscious silk yarns, people will zoom in on this one and say, "Wow, what is THIS???" It's 100% Silk. We call it dreadlocks because that's exactly what it looks like. It's thick and glorious. It's quite firm when you get it, but it softens when soaked in warm water. This is a yarn that requires imagination. Make a strong edge on a knitted piece. Weave it in one shot here and there for drama. Make baskets with it. Wall hangings. Scuptural pieces. It's truly magnificent.