Tassar (Tropical) Spin Fibre (#40-028)

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Quality: 40-028
Content: 100% Tropical Tassar Fibre
Units: 50g bags 
Country of origin: India

Price: 50g bag  $16.90

This is an unusual and exceptional fibre. Tassar is a wild silk moth, which means that it lives outside in trees and feeds on leaves. As such the resulting silk is variable and dependent on what the silkworm has eaten. In the more temperate zones, the tussah silk (our #20-002) is a creamier, softer colour. In the tropical zones, such as where this fibre originates, the colour is richer, deeper and more honey-coloured. The fibre has a toothiness that makes it less slick than bombyx fibre, and the staple length is 5 to 6 inches.

Please note: If you order 150g or more, we will package it in one bag (rather than multiple 50g bags). If you'd prefer 50g bags, please let us know in the message part of the checkout.