The Market Bag Knit Kit (#99-028)

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Product: 99-028
Yarns: 100% Hemp Knotted (#43-002), 100% Hemp Plain (#43-001)
Knitting needle size required: 3mm circular
One size

Price: $33.00

The Market Bag is the perfect all natural, breathable, beautiful bag for carrying your things back from your favourite shop. Its breathability makes it really perfect for produce, but it's also great for all sorts of stuff. It's an easy knit, but be warned that your fingers will need to get used to the roughness of the yarn. Being a cellulose yarn, it's easy to dye, if that's your passion. The 2 yarns used are handspun in Nepal; in the 43-002 yarn, the knots are knotted with the assistance of the spinners toes! See that product's page to learn more about the yarn and the project we're supporting in Nepal.