100% Eri Sliver (#40-025)

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Quality: 40-025
Content: 100% Eri Sliver - A1 Quality
Units: 50g bags 
Country of origin: India

Price: 50g bag $17.85

There's Eri and then there's Eri. This is the finest Eri sliver we've seen yet. It's beautifully combed, super-lustrous, with a soft cashmere-like hand. Many slivers and spin-fibres that are prepared using a woollen prep. This one isn't, so it has a lovely, lustrous, silky hand, with a long staple length.  Spin it using a worsted draft. 

Would you like to learn about why Eri is sometimes called Peace Silk? Read our information sheet.

Please note: If you order 300g or more, we will package it in one bag (rather than multiple 100g bags). If you'd prefer 100g bags, please let us know in the message part of the checkout.

Our in house spinning expert, Kim Mckenna, loves eri fibre. See her article "Try a New Silk Prep-Tussie Mussie" in SpinOff magazine-suggestions for spinning eri silk sliver.