16/2 Silk Camel (10-209)

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Quality: 10-209
Content: 65% Silk 35% Camel
Construction: 16/2
Metres/kg: 8000
Yards/lb: 3980
Suggested epi: 24(plain weave)
Knitting: fingering weight; suggested needle size: 2.5mm
Country of origin: Switzerland

50g skein Undyed: $17.65
Cone price:  $318/kg  Cones are approximately 500g

This is the lighter version of our 10-216. It's so very soft, and the creamy, camel colour is exceptional. It's like cashemere - truly! This is the perfect weaving yarn to incorporate the softness and colour of camel down. It can be machine knitted, or for hand-knitting, we recommend running it along with another yarn.