8/2 Spun Silk (10-005)

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Quality: 10-005
Content: 100% Bombyx Silk (spun)
Construction: 8/2
Metres/kg: 4000
Yards/lb: 1980
Suggested epi: 14
Knitting: laceweight; suggested needle size: 2.0mm or larger; machine knitting
Country of origin: Switzerland

50g skein Undyed: $16.45
Cone prices: $294.00/kg.  Cones are from 500 to 800g. Contact us to see what we have available.

For knitting or weaving, this is a medium-weight 2-ply yarn with oodles of drape and lustre. Use it in mixed warps or knitting. Or use it alone in the warp for an exceptionally heavy and drapey fabric.

If you'd like to order this yarn on cones, send your request on this form.