2/1 White Eri Heavy Singles (#40-037)

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Quality: 40-037
Content: 100% White Eri
Construction: 2/1 Singles
Metres/kg: 2000
Yards/lb: 990
Suggested epi: Not recommended for warp
Knitting: fingering weight; suggested needle size: 3.25mm
Country of origin: India

100g skein Undyed: $35.00 (+/- 5gm)

Our Eri Silk source has found such beautiful fibre (which they then turn into yarn) that we wanted to make more Eri Silk yarns available to you. This 2/1 Heavy Singles yarn is truly exceptional. It has the loft of Eri, with almost as much lustre as a Bombyx Silk. We don't recommend singles in the warp when weaving due to the abrasion of the yarn. It makes a beautiful weft though! Think of it as a thicker accent yarn in your woven designs. For knitting, it's a knockout - thick, rich and glorious!

Would you like to learn about why Eri is sometimes called Peace Silk? Read our information sheet.