20/2 Spun Silk (10-007)

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Quality: 10-007
Content: 100% Bombyx Silk (spun)
Construction: 20/2 Singles
Metres/kg: 10000
Yards/lb: 4960
Suggested epi: 24
Knitting: fingering weight; suggested needle size: 2.0mm or smaller
Country of origin: Switzerland

50g skein Undyed price: $16.00; 50g skein Mill-dyed Black: $21.00
SALE! - For a limited time, save 20%! 50g skeins of Undyed: Regular price $16.00. Sale Price $12.80
SALE! - For a limited time, save 20% on Black too! 50g Mill-dyed Black: Regular price $21.00. Sale Price $16.80

Cone prices are $285/kg. for Undyed; $385 for Mill-dyed Black. Cones are generally about 500g each. (Please note: Cones are not included in this sale.)

This is one of our most popular weaving yarns. It's fine enough to give you a soft, beautiful garment, but heavy enough to be non-intimidating.Wonderful for both warp and weft. It pairs beautifully with 10-006 for a very slight texture.
Also available in glorious colour.

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