Handpainted Silk+ Linen 30/2 (#10-207P)

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Quality: 10-207P
Content: Handpainted 65% Silk 35% Linen
Construction: 30/2
Metres/kg: 15000
Yards/lb: 7440
Suggested epi: 30 (plain weave)
Knitting: machine knitting or cobwel lace knitting; needle size 2.0mm or smaller
Country of origin: Switzerland

50g skein Handpainted: $24.25 (+/- 2gm)

This is such a lovely yarn, made ever more lovely with these lovely handpainted colours. It has a high silk content, so its drape is soft rather than crisp. The linen has longish random bast fibres that give the finished product a unique appearance. Because of the dye type we use for handpainting, both the Silk and the Linen dye, so we don't have the heathered effect of the solid dyed colours

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