SALE! - White Eri Cable Yarn (#40-038)

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Quality: 40-038
Content: 100% White Eri
Construction: 60/2/4; 4 Plies of 60/2
Metres/kg: 7500
Yards/lb: 3720
Suggested epi: 18 - 20 for plain weave
Knitting: fingering weight; suggested needle size: 2mm
Country of origin: India

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Our Eri Silk source has found such beautiful fibre (which they then turn into yarn) that we wanted to make more Eri Silk yarns available to you. This unusual yarn is a 60/2/4 construction - 4 plies of 60/2. This construction gives the yarn an architectural look, a bit like cabled cord. Beautiful for either weaving or knitting. This yarn has the loft of Eri, with almost as much lustre as a Bombyx Silk. 

Would you like to learn about why Eri is sometimes called Peace Silk? Read our information sheet.