SEPALI 39 X 118" Panels (#22-005)

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Quality: 22-005
39 X 118" Panels

Price: Borocera, Bombyx Panels: $599.00 per panel
Lacy Ceranchia Panels: $495 per panel

These magnificent panels are made by stitching hundreds of cocoons together. There are a number of different cocoons available: Bombyx is a domesticated silk, grown in many parts of the world. The others are cocoons from silk species indigenous to Madagascar.

- Ceranchia Lacy: these panels are made from the outer layer of the 2-layer Ceranchia cocoon. They are lacy in texture, and light passes through. They create wonderful shadows when light is shone through them.

- Borocera: the surface of these cocoons is more matte, and a bit papery-feeling. The colours vary from soft tan to darker tan-brown.

- Bombyx: this is the creamy-white cocoon we often think of when we imagine silk. It is a domesticated silk, whereas the other Malagasi silks are wild (grown outdoors in trees).

- Suraka: the Malagasi Suraka silkworm spins cocoons that are this distinctive deep golden-brown colour. Their texture is somewhat lacy.