Silk Fluffy Dots (#30-013)

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Quality: 30-013
Content: 100% Silk
Construction: Novelty
Metres/kg: 6000
Yards/lb: 2980
Suggested epi: Not recommended for warp
Knitting: cobweb; suggested needle size: 2.0mm
Country of origin: Japan

50g skein Undyed: $36.45
Cone prices are $694/kg. Cones are generally about 500g.

If you'd like to order this yarn on cones, send your request on this form.

This quirky and quaint yarn is a twisted cord core with little boinks of fluff along its length. It gives a most intriguing texture when knitted. We run it alongside our silk/wool in the Kyla hat kit. Great used as a textural weft, but not recommended for warp due to the delicacy of the fluff-dots.