Silk Heavy Boucle (#10-019)

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Quality: 10-019
Content: 100% Bombyx Silk (spun)
Construction: 2.97 Boucle
Metres/kg: 2970
Yards/lb: 1470
Suggested epi: mixed warps only
Knitting: fingering; suggested needle size: 4.0
Country of origin: Switzerland

Price: 50g skein Undyed: $21.75
Cone prices are $400.00/kg

Texture PLUS! Either knitted or woven, this is your choice for adding a bubbly texture to your work. It can be used in mixed warps for weaving; it can stick to itself when side-by-side, so plan accordingly. It's beautiful, thick and curly when knitted. Also, considering knitting this yarn doubled with another yarn.

This yarn is also available in Sanjo colours. Please contact us with your requirements using this form.

If you'd like to order this yarn on cones, send your request on this form.