Tassar Katia 40/4 (#40-032)

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Quality: 40-032
Content: 100% Tassar Silk Katia
Construction: 40/4
Units: 50g skeins; 500g cones
Metres/kg: 10000
Yards/lb: 4985
Suggested epi: 18-20
Knitting: laceweight: suggested needle size 2.0 to 2.5mm
Country of origin: India

Price: 50g skein $16.25 (+/- 2gm)
   500g cones  $145.00 (+/- 10gm)

Tassar cocoons have the distinction of having several colours of silk in one cocoon. "Katia" refers to this lovely varigation. This yarn takes stunning advantage of this by combining the "regular" golden tan colour we usually associate with tassar with the brown colour found in the peduncle stem of the cocoon (see 41-025). The weight and colour-charm of this yarn makes it a delight for weaving and knitting. In the past we've had a 20/2 Katia yarn. This yarn is the same weight (4 plies of 40 rather than 2 plies of 20), and has a richer density because of this new construction. Enjoy!


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