5/1 Spun Silk Singles (#10-026)

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Quality: 10-026
Content: 100% Bombyx Silk (spun)
Construction: 5/1
Metres/kg: 5000
Yards/lb: 2480
Mtres per 50g skein: 250
Suggested epi: 24 epi
Knitting: fingering; suggested needle size: 3.25
Country of origin: Switzerland

Price: 50g skein Undyed: $17.15 (+/- 2gm)
Cones are approx 500g: $154.00 (please allow +/- 10g for cone size variations)

Similar to our 10-004 2.5/1 Singles, but finer. Singles yarns are best in the weft where their lustre can glow and there isn't any wear and tear from the reed. This yarn knits beautifully.