Twisted Paper Yarn (#30-019)

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Quality: 30-019 Twisted Paper
Content: 100% Paper (Manila Hemp)
Construction: 1/4nm
Units: 50g skeins
Metres per kg: 4,000
Yards per pound: 1,985
Suggested epi: Not recommended for warp
Knitting: Bigger needles (4mm+) for looser knitting
Country of origin: Japan

Price: 50g skeins $17.20

Although this yarn's construction suggests it's a 1-Ply, it really appears to be 3 fine strips of paper together, loosely twisted. Japanese paper is strong, and the soft twist gives it much more strength. Don't hesitate to knit or weave with this yarn. It has a soft "rustle" and a gentle crispness. Because it's a cellulose fibre, dye it using fibre reactive or natural dyes. Try running it alongside a superfine yarn in a completely different texture for some unique fabrics!